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Sunday 19/05 - ore 10:00


Children... let's read together at GO!


Every Sunday, from 10:00 to 11:00 and from 11:00 to 12:00, our readers will take you through the pages of wonderful books, right under the stage at GO! Soft pillows and plenty of stories await you to end the week beautifully!


Each child who participates will receive a card where they can collect a sticker for each reading. Collect all 5 stickers on the card, and you'll receive a complimentary book (chosen from a selection of curated collections).


On Sunday the 19th we will read books about FAMILY!


Free admission and no reservation required. Readings will be carried out only when the necessary attendance is reached.

Sunday 19/05 - ore 12:00

Disney Classics 100

One hundred years ago, in 1923, Walt and Roy Disney began an adventure that would change the history of cinema forever. Since then, the films made by Disney have enchanted several generations, amazing us each time with their timeless and ageless stories. Today, a century later, Giunti Odeon celebrates this great dream factory by proposing a selection of great Disney classics, with the most famous films, suitable for young and old, to be enjoyed all together and continue to dream... 

Sunday 19/05 - ore 17:00

BOOK SIGNING with Victor Diamandis

Another appointment with #AutografiaGOgò! At Giunti Odeon comes a beloved Italian booktoker: Victor Diamandis, who will be with us for the book signing of his highly anticipated first romance, Daylight (Magazzini Salani)!


The book:


"When you love, you live. When you live, you love."


Alison has just arrived in London in search of fortune. In Scotland, she left behind a family shattered by the disappearance of her beloved mother, carrying with her the hope that the move to the English capital could mark a new beginning. Her biggest dream is to become a writer. In her life, there seems to be no space for love, which has hurt her too many times, as she confides in the letters she leaves posted on a wall on Cornelia Street among a thousand other stories of strangers. Everything changes when, among the shelves of the bookstore where she found a job, she meets Nate. On paper, he is the ideal guy, sweet and romantic, capable of making her heart tremble. The feeling that binds them is so perfect, written in the stars. And yet, the same destiny that brought them together has a cruel joke in store...


The author:


Victor Diamandis is the pseudonym of a young Italian TikToker. His love for books and reading has made him one of the most well-known names on BookTok. Passionate about theater and music, he lives with earbuds in his ears. He started writing stories at the age of twelve, on his father's old computer, never imagining that one day he would share them. Daylight is his first novel.


Through her latest book Ogni prigione è un'isola published by Mondadori, Daria Bignardi will recount to GO her journey into isolation and prisons, including the internal ones, with the unique voice through which she has always been able to transport us to the core of experiences, starting from herself and putting herself at stake.


Sharing the stage with the author will be the Director of QN Agnese Pini and Ernest Azbor, a former wrongly convicted inmate featured in the book.


The book:


"Prison is like the Amazon jungle, like a country at war, a remote island, an extreme place where survival is the priority and primary feelings are sharp": perhaps that's why, as a narrator attracted to places where "man is illuminated to daylight," thirty years ago Daria Bignardi entered a prison for the first time. Since then, she has never stopped visiting prisons: she has collaborated with the newspaper of San Vittore, brought her conversations with prisoners to TV, accompanied her three-month-old daughter to visit her incarcerated grandfather, remained in contact with many inmates, and is still an "article 78," authorized to collaborate in the cultural activities that take place in prison. She has met thieves, robbers, drug dealers, mafiosi, terrorists, and murderers, talked to prison officers, judges, and prison directors. To write about that world, she withdrew for months to a tiny island: Linosa. But the prison pursued her even there. And the encounters and life on the island entered into deep dialogue with the stories seen and heard in prison. Bignardi tells us about her journey into isolation and prisons, including the internal ones, with the unique voice through which she has always been able to transport us to the core of experiences, starting from herself, putting herself at stake, just as she did on the morning of March 9, 2020, in a video shot in front of San Vittore, while some inmates climbed onto the roof joining the riots that were erupting in many Italian prisons. Thirteen incarcerated people would later die as a result of those events.


The Author:


Daria Bignardi, born in Ferrara, has been living in Milan for many years. She has published for Mondadori the novels "Non vi lascerò orfani" (Rapallo Prize, Elsa Morante Prize, Città di Padova Prize), "Un karma pesante", "L’acustica perfetta" , "L’amore che ti meriti", "Santa degli impossibili", "Storia della mia ansia", "Oggi faccio azzurro", and for Einaudi Libri "Libri che mi hanno rovinato la vita", all great successes translated into many languages.

Monday 20/05 - ore 09:30

Masterpieces of Silent Cinema

At Giunti Odeon a selection of silent film masterpieces, all in restored version. It starts with three films starring the greatest Italian divas of the 1910s (Assunta Spina, Sangue Bleu, Ma l'amore mio non muore), continues with three irresistible classics by Buster Keaton (One Week, Neighbours, Cops) and closes with one of Friedrich W. Murnau's greatest films.

Tuesday 21/05 - ore 09:30

Tribute to Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson is one of the masters of contemporary cinema, beloved by audiences all over the world for his unmistakable style and poetics. Giunti Odeon dedicates a tribute to the great American director with a selection of his most famous films, all in original version with Italian subtitles.

Tuesday 21/05 - ore 17:00


#AutografiaGOgò enriches its lineup with another name: Rokia! Following the success of The Truth Untold and Sindrome, the very young author returns to bookstores with her new romantasy, Guilty. Drunk in love (Magazzini Salani)... and who are we not to organize an unmissable book signing event at GO?


The book:


"How do I look at her?" "As if you wanted to save her endlessly."


Lavinia lives alone in a crumbling house, juggling part-time jobs and painful experiences. At the end of her rope, one day she decides to end it all by jumping from a bridge. Saved as she plunges into the icy waters below by a young man with golden curls, Arthur. The boy seems to have no identity or family, so in gratitude, Lavinia ends up taking him into her own home. There he tells her he's the prince of a parallel universe and doesn't know how he arrived in our world. Forced to live under the same roof, Arthur and Lavinia gradually form an unexpected bond, something arises between them that neither knows nor wants to tame. However, a curse hangs over their story. For Arthur, it's time to return home and protect his kingdom threatened by an ancient enemy. And he won't do it without taking Lavinia with him.


The author:


Rokia has always loved inventing stories since she was a child. Since 2016, she has started telling them on Wattpad almost as a game, under the pseudonym Clarine Jay, reaching millions of readings. With Magazzini Salani, she has already published The Truth Untold and Sindrome.

Wednesday 22/05 - ore 09:30

'80 Cult!

At Giunti Odeon a selection of American classics from the 1980s! Colourful, crazy, experimental, joyful and dark at the same time: the films of that decade are the kaleidoscope of a renewed and euphoric society, but not without its shadows. Here then are the films of masters such as Robert Zemeckis, David Cronenberg, Terry Gilliam, Martin Scorsese and many other cult films to see and see again!

Thursday 23/05 - ore 09:30

Tribute to Baz Luhrmann

The Australian who reinvented the musical and sentimental genre, conquering Hollywood. Giunti Odeon pays tribute to the visionary, colourful and pop talent of Baz Luhrmann, one of the most original and controversial directors of contemporary cinema, with two of his most famous films.


On the stage of GO, we will present Il commosso viaggiatore (Giunti Editore), a love letter of gratitude towards a travel experience that forever changed the lives of Giobbe Covatta and Paola Catella. Joining the authors in conversation will also be a special guest: Enzo Iacchetti!


The book:


"Tic-Tac," the passionate activist with more tics than any other in the solar system; Angelo Franchi, a mythological figure, half man and half camera; Provolazzi, the executive producer with an insane passion for ornithology; Tom-Tom, the most useless guide on the continent since Livingstone's time; Paola, the author affectionately called Mama Paùla by Africans; and Giobbe: they are the magnificent six, always ready to set off when an invitation arrives from Africa to explore and share a piece of its extraordinary mosaic. Reading these pages means being willing to pack away your certainties and embark with this hilarious group of explorers on one of the rickety means of transport crisscrossing the vast heart-shaped continent where Homo sapiens was born. And so, proceeding along a zigzagging path, marked by stops, detours, and hilarious mishaps, we too become participants in an unforgettable African adventure seen through the wide-open eyes of those eager to understand and with the clear smile of those who can grasp the irony that fate often brings.


The authors:


Giobbe Covatta has been an actor in theater, television, and film for over thirty-five years. He is also the author of several books, from the bestseller "Parola di Giobbe" (Salani, 1991) to "A nessuno piace caldo – Perché il pianeta ha la febbre" (Mondadori, 2015). For years, he has been actively involved with humanitarian and environmental organizations. Paola Catella and Giobbe are partners in art and life.


Paola Catella: a native of Florence, with a degree in philosophy, she is a writer, screenwriter, and television and theater author.

Friday 24/05 - ore 09:30

American Indie

An 'other' look at America. Low budgets, little-known actors or stars who put themselves on the line, original stories, far from clichés and stereotypes, able to excite and make us reflect. At Giunti Odeon three cult films of American independent cinema made in recent years.

Friday 24/05 - ore 18:00

BOOK SIGNING with Corrado Augias

Friday, May 24, at 5:00 PM, Corrado Augias, author of La vita s'impara, published by Einaudi and available in bookstores for just over a week, will be at GO!


Admission is free and no reservation is required.


The book:


At almost ninety years old, Corrado Augias is a valuable witness to change. Today’s Italy—excluding its eternal national flaws—bears little resemblance to that of the past. Augias recounts his childhood spent in Libya following his father, an officer in the Royal Air Force; the war and bombings; the nightmare of a fierce and grim occupation; his years in a Catholic boarding school, even though he now confesses to being an atheist. Then follows his professional life: journalism, books, and the fortunate circumstances that made him a participant in three significant events in the country's cultural life: the creation of the Central Directorate of Cultural Programs at Rai; the founding of the newspaper la Repubblica in 1976; and the revitalization of RaiTre in 1987. He invented several successful TV programs, from Telefono giallo to Babele, from Città segrete to his most recent creation, La gioia della musica, the last program he devised for Rai before moving to La7 with another successful cultural program: La Torre di Babele. These events are only the public part of a journey that has a more interesting intimate component: a long apprenticeship to a mature intellectual dimension. Alongside the events that marked his life, Augias shares the readings that nurtured him and from which he "learned to live." From Titus Lucretius Carus to Renan, from Feuerbach to Freud, then Spinoza, Manzoni, Beethoven, Nietzsche, and Leopardi, his mentors are thinkers, poets, narrators, and musicians—a broad constellation he does not hesitate to call his pantheon, figures who enriched his professional path and, together, his awareness as a citizen.


The author:


Corrado Augias, journalist, writer, and author of cultural programs for TV, was born in Rome. His numerous books have been translated into major languages. Among others, we remember: I segreti di New York, I segreti di Londra, I segreti di Roma, I segreti di Parigi. With Mauro Pesce, Inchiesta su Gesù, and with Marco Vannini, Inchiesta su Maria. For Einaudi, he published Il sangue e il potere. Processo a Giulio Cesare, Tiberio e Nerone (together with Vladimiro Polchi, ET Pop 2008), the novel Il lato oscuro del cuore (Supercoralli 2014), Le ultime diciotto ore di Gesù (2015 and 2016), I segreti di Istanbul (2016 and 2017), Questa nostra Italia (2017 and 2018), with Giovanni Filoramo, Il grande romanzo dei Vangeli (2019 and 2021), Breviario per un confuso presente (2020), Modigliani. L'ultimo romantico (2020), I segreti di Roma cristiana (2024, published in 2022 with the title La fine di Roma), La vita s'impara (2024), and curated the collection Racconti parigini (2018).

Monday 27/05 - ore 09:30


A rich programme of films and documentaries narrating Florence through cinema, literature and history. It starts with two very rare films from the silent period, which have been brought back to life thanks to a precious restoration: "Bianca Cappello" (1909) and "Dante in the Life of His Times" (1922). It continues with "La Firenze di Pratolini" (1959) by Cecilia Mangini and "La scoperta dell'allegria" (1972), a documentary dedicated to the Florentine poet and writer Aldo Palazzeschi.


Cannes Film Festival films at Giunti Odeon

Two of the most eagerly-awaited films of the Cannes Film Festival (14-25 May) are coming to Giunti Odeon: the special event Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga (from 23 May), directed by the visionary talent of George Miller starring Anya Taylor-Joy, and Kinds of Kindness (from 6 June), the new film by Yorgos Lanthimos (Poor Things, The Favourite) starring Emma Stone. The films will be in the original (English) version with Italian subtitles.

Odeon, the history of cinema in Florence

All the most beautiful films, the most illustrious guests, and the most important events have had the grand hall of the historic center as their stage. Discover its history.

A century of cinema and culture

From 1922 to the present, the history of Florence's Odeon cinema in a book full of pictures, documents, stories and curiosities.

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