11/04 - 11/04

Food For Profit (Italian version)

Director : Pablo D'Ambrosi, Giulia Innocenzi

Cast :

Durata : 01:30

Food for Profit is the first documentary to show the thread that links the meat industry, lobbies and political power. At the centre are the billions of euros that Europe allocates to intensive livestock farms, which mistreat animals, pollute the environment and pose a danger to future pandemics. In this investigative documentary with a cinematic approach, Giulia Innocenzi and Pablo D'Ambrosi take us on an enlightening and shocking journey around Europe, where they confront farmers, multinationals and politicians. With them is a team of investigators who have worked undercover on farms in major European countries, revealing the reality behind the excellence of meat and cheese production. In Brussels, a lobbyist managed to take a hidden camera with him to where decisions are made, gathering shocking information. Food For Profit does not only show the horror of intensive livestock farms and the conniving political protection afforded to them, but with a team of international experts tackles the main problems linked to this type of industrial production: water pollution, exploitation of migrants, loss of biodiversity. The appeal at the end of the film is loud and clear: we must stop this corrupt system if we want to save the planet. And ourselves.


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